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Through Missions

Loving God well means loving other people.  For SPUMC, serving others outside of our faith community is important, as is serving those inside of our faith community, to who we are as a church.  Please click on the "Missions" link above to access our Missions homepage.  If you have questions about a particular mission and/or about where you might be able to serve, please contact a staff person.  

Through Worship

Worship is an integral part of the life of SPUMC.  As the community of faith gathers in worship, prayers are prayed, songs sung, and the Word read and preached.  Though this is a wonderful time of communion and connection with God, worship is also a time for the body to reflect the unity shared as praise is lifted up to the Triune God who created us and continues to create in our lives each and everyday.


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Through Groups

While worship is vital to the life of a faith community, one should never underestimate the value of smaller, more intimate gatherings of people.  Whether it be a Life Group, a Sunday Morning Class, a music group, or something else, opportunities to gather allow us to connect with others who can help support, comfort, and challenge us in our life of faith so that we might become ever more like Jesus Christ.  You are invited to check out the Groups page which you can access by clicking the "Groups" link above.  

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