Join the Food Pantry Team today! Volunteer to help with the weekly picks on Saturday and Sunday at Food Lion, Harris Teeter, and Panera Bread or become part of the Monday distribution team.

Contact George Wirtz or Keith McKinney for more information.

SoPines UMC Food Pantry:  The Food Bank of Eastern North Carolina, along with local retail stores and Panera Bread, partner with the folks at Southern Pines UMC to provide food for the needy in Moore County.  Each Monday, the SPUMC Food Pantry distributes food to dozens of families.  Supporting the food bank requires an enormous volunteer effort. If you can help with weekly food pick-ups from local stores or on Monday's contact Donna Wondergem, Keith McKinney, or George Wirtz.

Christian Community Outreach Ministry: Through donations from members and friends of SPUMC, the Christian Community Outreach Ministry assists members of the Moore County community in paying for necessary living expenses. There is an application form and interview to identify the needs to which pledges awarded to the billing organization on behalf of the C.C.O.M. client.  If you would like to donate to this ministry or need assistance, please contact the SPUMC office. 

Family Promise:  In cooperation with several churches, we provide housing, meals, and transportation for local homeless families, often mother and children who are in transition as the partners work towards having a permanent home.  We host these families in the church for a week every quarter.  Volunteers prepare and serve meals, stay overnight with the families, or transport the families to work and school.

Moore Free Care Clinic:  This program gives free health care to uninsured and low-income families.  They supply primary medical care, pharmacy services, health education, laboratory tests, and additional testing (i.e., MRI).  Congregation members can volunteer during both daytime and evening hours.

Sandhills Coalition for Human Care: 
Supported by our congregation with grocery and other essential items, this organization welcomes volunteers at their facility as well as donations of clothing and household items which for are the distribution to their clients.  SPUMC, along with other churches in the area, was influential in helping to establish the Coalition.    

Habitat for Humanity:  Habitat for Humanity builds houses for low-income families.  As a congregation, we donate our time, sweat, money, and supplies. Watch the video to learn more.

Southern Pines United Methodist Church considers itself to be not only a church in the Sandhills but one that is also part of the community.  To be part of this community means that we are actively engaged and interested in what happens around us--the rhythms of daily life, the events, the culture.  More than that, though, it means we are interested in the folks who we see, meet, and with whom we associate.  We consider it a privilege to serve those very people as a community of faith.  Below you will find some of the ways we are involved in helping to meet the needs of those with whom we share life. 

​​Community Missions