Stephen Ministry offers a proven and effective way to organize, equip, and supervise a team of congregation members—called Stephen Ministers—to provide high-quality, one-to-one, Christ-centered care to people in the congregation and the community experiencing life difficulties.

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Stephen Ministry

"​Bear one another’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."

~ Galatians 6:2

Stephen Ministry Traing

Training takes place over two sessions, beginning and end, at two separate locations:

Southern Pines UMC & Community Presbyterian.

Stephen Ministry & SoPines UMC

It’s been a long time, but SoPines UMC now has Stephen Leader Amy Cooper amongst our congregation.  Working in partnership with Community Presbyterian and Pinehurst UMC training will begin 17-Feb at SoPines UMC for anyone wanting to become a Stephen Minister.
Please email Amy Cooper (Stephen Leader) if interested.

What is a Stephen Minister?

Stephen Ministers are lay congregation members trained to provide one-to-one care to those experiencing a difficult time in life, such as grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, or relocation.  Stephen Ministers come from all walks of life, but they all share a passion for bringing Christ’s love and care to people during a time of need.

Since 1975, more than 600,000 people from more than 13,000 congregations and other organizations have trained to become a Stephen Minister.  How blessed are we to have a Stephen Leader willing to lead others in their faith toward becoming a Stephen Minster?

What is a Care Receiver?

Care receivers are individuals in the congregation or community who are going through a crisis or life difficulty.  Potential care receivers first meet with a pastor or Stephen Leader, who assesses their care needs and matches them with a Stephen Minister.  The caring relationship lasts for as long as the need persists.  If you would like more information or have a person you feel would benefit from this program, please email Pastor Tommy Sweeley: 

Amy Cooper (Stephen Leader).