SoPines UMC Youth 2019 Mission Trip

All applications due Sunday, April 28th!

Hey Everyone!

It’s that time again! Time to get things started for the mission trip! I truly am excited about this year’s mission trip. This year’s trip will be a unique experience, as we aren’t going through a typical mission organization. While we are working through the Wilmington Area Rebuilding Ministries (WARM) they will only coordinate our home repair work throughout the day. The rest of the trip will be up to us.

As many of you know, Wilmington, NC was an area that was absolutely wrecked by Hurricane Florence in September 2018. Extensive damage was caused and the recovery time will take years. But we are excited about partnering with WARM to help continue this restoration process to Wilmington and the surrounding areas. WARM is an organization that is well established in the area, and they do home repair ministries for those in need throughout the year, regardless if there has been a hurricane. They became an established ministry in 1996 in response to hurricanes Bertha and Fran and were a group of organized leaders of the Wilmington District of the United Methodist Church. They have continued to do home repair work to those in substandard housing since and has helped hundreds of families along the way. You can learn more about them here:

We will be also be partnering with Trinity UMC in Wilmington, as we will be staying at their FamilyLife Center. They have been incredibly gracious enough to host us for the week. Although their church doesn’t have showers, there will be a shower trailer parked just outside the building which will contain 4 showers for our use. Staying at a church also means we will need to provide our own bedding. Chaperones will need to bring an air mattress or cot with them to sleep, as well as sheets for whatever bedding they provide. As a youth minister who has taken many trips and slept on an air mattress, I recommend investing in a decent one if you would like to get a good night’s sleep throughout the week. If you need recommendations, contact Todd!

While we are there, we must remember why it is we go on mission trips. Working together is a plus, but the ultimate purpose is to be a beacon of light throughout the city. We must go with open hearts and open minds to spread His love. As you read over your packet, I want you to pray over this mission trip and ask God to watch over our team. Think and consider carefully how you would best serve this mission team. Every job is essential, and no job is better than another. We are all called to work together as the Body of Christ. All packets are due Sunday, April 28th. Your time and dedication to mission training and fundraising are important to make this trip successful. I’m so excited and cannot wait for things to get started.

In Christ,
Todd Handell

SPUMC Youth Director