SoPines UMC Youth 2020 Mission Trip

All applications due March, 15th!

Hey Everyone!

It’s that time again! Time to get things started for the mission trip! I am excited about this year’s trip.

This year’s trip will be a unique experience, as we are headed to work with the Hinton Center in Hayesville, NC. Throughout this trip, we will be participating in various construction ministries, helping people who are experiencing poverty. These projects could include building a wheelchair ramp, porches, steps; doing flooring in mobile homes, painting or doing yard work. The trip will also include an Appalachian Culture Night, multiple worship opportunities, and time to grow together as a Body of Christ and a youth group.

The Hinton Center is a retreat center located in Hayesville, NC. Throughout the year they host retreats and service weekends, but during their summer they turn their focus towards Mission Outreach. The Hinton Center is a United Methodist Agency located in a very rural community. They have been located in the same place for over 50 years. This won’t be the first time that a youth group from SoPines UMC has made the journey to Hayesville, NC. Back around 2008, our youth group spent multiple summers going to the Hinton Center for their summer mission trip. It has an incredible reputation and I am looking forward to this incredible opportunity to work with them through you all. To learn more about the Hinton Center and their Summer Mission Outreach, feel free to visit them here: service/

The Hinton Center will take care of everything for us. The trip will include your lodging, programming, and worship led by the Hinton Center, providing all project materials and supplies, as well as all but one of our meals. It will be great to have everything all in one place and it all taken care of so we can truly focus on our mission outreach. Towels and bedding are even provided, so once less thing we must worry about packing!

While we are there, we must remember why it is we go on mission trips. Working together is a plus, but the ultimate purpose is to be a beacon of light to all we encounter. We must go with open hearts and open minds in order to spread His love. As you read over your packet, I want you to pray over this mission trip and ask God to watch over our team. Think and consider carefully how you would best serve this mission team. Every job is important, and no job is better than another. We are all called to work together as the Body of Christ. All packets are due Sunday, March 15th. While this is earlier than last year, because we are working through an organization this year, we must follow a stricter schedule in getting our numbers turned in. Your time and dedication to mission training and fundraising are important to make this trip successful. I’m so excited and cannot wait for things to get started.

In Christ,
Todd Handell

SPUMC Youth Director